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2020 ---- 2022
I was asked the question of justice and righteousness_01.jpg

I was asked the question of justice and righteousness

Empty Aerotropolis_1.jpg

Empty Aerotropolis

Island Photo Studio-1_edited.jpg

Island Photo Studio


Going to the Mountain

 Wander within spirits and mountains_1.jpg

Wander within spirits and mountains

land gods_2.jpg

If mountain has deities  Vol.3

Land Gods

If the mountain has a diety 2-3.jpg
If mountain has deities  Vol.2
Ancestral spirits and Mountain
If the mountain has a god.jpg
If mountain has deities (Projrcts)
Bao-De Temple.jpg
The section of time and space: Bao -- De Temple
copy island 10.jpg
 Copy Island
If the mountain has a diety-2.jpg
If mountain has deities  Vol.1
2016 ---- 2019
The Invisible City #2 LYX Arts Studio
The Invisible City #1 NMA Studio
Them _ Zoo
 The Egg and The Hal .jpg
 The Egg and The Wall
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