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單頻道錄像 4K Ultra HD


15′ 00″ 



Gold Mine, Abyss, Mountain God Temple

4K Ultra HD Single-channel Video 


15′ 00″ 

"Gold Mines, Abysses, Mountain God Temples" is a branch from the project "If there is a God in the Mountains.” Focusing on several mountain god temples in the northeast corner of Taiwan, which were created by the local gold mining industry. The mining industry in this area lasted from the Qing Dynasty and through the Japanese occupation period even until post-war, and has long influenced the lives and spirituality of the locals.

Due to the close cooperation between the local gentries that were mine owners and Japanese companies, and the mountain gods’ culture introduced by Japan, some of the pits in this area have a custom of worshiping mountain gods, and this belief has evolved into a unique localized form in conjunction with local beliefs.


This project explores these abandoned mines and temples, collecting the materials obtained from the field and historical archives. Through the collage of images and the transformation of textual narratives, using atypical narratives such as ghosts, beliefs, and mining industries as the main constructions. Searching Taiwan's way to talk about identity and subjectivity from an imperial.

Gold Mine, Abyss, Mountain God Temple_8.jpg
Gold Mine, Abyss, Mountain God Temple_7.jpg
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Gold Mine, Abyss, Mountain God Temple_9.jpg
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