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If mountain has deities


This piece revolves around the relationship between human beings and the land from a contemporary perspective, combining my own experiences and the process of following various groups into the mountains. While facing the mountains, how does one contemplate Soul and God, and how does one reify the process? This project attempts to use mountains as a medium of thought and the land as an emotional object of reference. From the perspective of the Gods and nature, considering plants, animals, geography, climate, even language and behavior as subjects that can be perceived and experienced. In the end, it returns to the human's environment worldview and concentrates on discussing the Anthropocene and non-personal reflections.


If the mountain has a diety-2.jpg
    If mountain has deities  vol.1
If the mountain has a diety 2-3.jpg
If mountain has deities  vol.2   
Ancestral spirits and Mountain
land gods_2.jpg
If mountain has deities  vol.3 
Land Gods
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