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丟棄家具再製裝置、單頻道錄像 4K Ultra HD



本計畫分成兩個階段,裝置製作以及影像拍攝。巨大裝置同時為拍攝道具, 透過撿拾航空城居民棄置於街區上的廢棄傢俱,透過本計畫之規劃、設計、重組、拼裝,把所有不要的「剩餘」轉換成另一種物質。


Forced Landing 

Installation Made from Discarded Furniture​,4K Ultra HD Single-channel Vide


In recent years, Taoyuan City has been promoting the Taoyuan Aerotropolis, and the Dayuan District is facing the most significant expropriation case in Taiwan's history. The government has expropriated more than 3,100 hectares of land, forcing nearly 5,000 households to leave their homes, causing life-long changes in many people's lives. After the development, the familiar street contours since childhood will no longer exist, and the landscape will become dull.

This project is divided into two stages: installation fabrication and video recording. The giant installation serves as both a prop for filming and a means of capturing imagery. By collecting discarded furniture from the streets of the Aerotropolis, this project plans to transform all unwanted "leftovers" into another form of material through planning, design, reassembly, and construction.

The video serves as both an on-site event and documentation of a farewell operation. The plan is to push this airplane installation back to the location of the soon-to-be-constructed third runway, inviting local residents to push it into a village where people still reside. This action symbolizes the first aircraft to take off from the third runway, entering into homes that are halfway through demolition.

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