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Empty Aerotropolis



In recent years, Taoyuan has launched its Aerotropolis project. Based on the expansion of Taoyuan Airport and the surrounding industrial area, the land and houses of thousands of local residents were confiscated. Across the road, my old family house in Dayuan escaped confiscation. However, it was still profoundly affected by the massive changes in the landscape during the violent turmoil of the demolition, and the lives of family members and friends were changed. Therefore, from 2019 onwards, I have been wandering around the area to be confiscated, documenting the gradual removal of residents and their homes after relocation.


The series "Empty  Aerotropolis" is a long-term photographic action. I broke into abandoned houses that were temporarily unused before the demolition of settlements. Through photography, temporarily preserving the dying time and space. For several years, I have been moving between the emotions of place and the politics of life, searching for gaps in a landscape that are no longer there, continuing to record with my shutter until everything disappears.

Empty Aerotropolis_1.jpg
Empty Aerotropolis_2.jpg
Empty Aerotropolis_3.jpg
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