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看不見的城市#2​ 林彥翔藝術工作室




後人類的討論中時常談論到,電子產品如何擴增我們的感知能力,而在這些產品尚未能夠真正擴增感官的極限時,便會有一種懸置的落差,將此感官中的無力感對比於現階段自身狀態,在尚未成為一位能夠自給自足的創作者之前,其中必然有許多的無助之感 ,而在社會的權力結構下亦有許多失能的邊陲空間,本作藉由佔領邊陲閒置空間,透過虛擬再現的手法,將存在於虛擬的個人工作室安插在現實之中,以一種虛擬和數位的形式來達成一種對未來烏托邦的想像,試圖反應一些現在共有的問題。

The Invisible city #2 LYX Arts Studio

App , Documents , Wooden Target


Smartphone is considered the most commonly used electronic product. Interacting with the virtual interface satisfied various aspects of our daily life. By using Augmented Reality software and scanning the target image on the ground, it will show the virtual architect I created .

Building my studio in the virtual world, only allowed us to see a disqualified building, discussing whether virtuality satisfied the unsatisfied, what sorts of need can augmented reality provide.


In any discussion by the topic Post-human, how electronic products enhance our perception is frequently addressed. But until these products truly expanded our sense, there always remains a suspended gap between them. I also compare this sense of powerlessness to my current personal status: before becoming an independent artist, much unquestionably helplessness will be encountered. Furthermore, under the power structure of society, there are likewise numerous disqualified vacant spaces. In this work, I occupied these vacant spaces. Through a virtual reproduction method, I phoned my studio into reality, trying to achieve a vision of the future utopia with a virtual and digital form, at the same time, reflecting on some of the problems that are now common.


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