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Wander within spirits and mountains

 Solo Exhibition


The Spirit (靈) refers to the soul that exists in all things. Mountain (山) is the projection of nature in modern society. Tracing back the spirituality of people's activities in mountainous areas before modernization, the process of walking and returning to the old paths in search of the land gods, "nature" and "religion" are reintroduced as the main subjects of reflection. The long-time collection of land beliefs in the mountains of Taiwan is transformed into the basis of a series of art projects. The relationship between man and the land is approached from a contemporary perspective, exploring how man contemplates and visualizes the soul. The attempt is to use the mountains as a medium of thought and the land as an emotional object of reference, to treat everything as a subject that can be perceived and experienced, and to return to the worldview of the human environment from the viewpoint of the spirits and nature.

 Wander within spirits and mountains_1.jpg
 Wander within spirits and mountains_3.jpg
 Wander within spirits and mountains_2.jpg
 Wander within spirits and mountains_4.jpg
 Wander within spirits and mountains_5.jpg
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