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Island Photo Studio

Photography, spatial installation


Until now, there is still no photo studio in Green Island. During the period of New Life Correction Center, there was a temporary dark room and a photography division, in which prisoners served as photographers. Victims of the White Terror made use of limited resource to produce images characteristic of the island. Moreover, they also exchange images with the island’s residents in a way of “mutual reciprocation”—photographic images became a medium to establish relationships. My project continues this idea and creates the short-term Island Photo Studio, which presents a makeshift yet complete, small-scale image production base. Adopting the approach of mutual reciprocation between local residents, tourists and the museum, the project enables Green Island to create locally produced images

Island Photo Studio-1_edited.jpg
Island Photo Studio-4.jpg
Island Photo Studio-2.JPG
Island Photo Studio-3.JPG
Island Photo Studio-6.JPG
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